World Scout Jamboree

The first World Scout Jamboree was in 1920 at Olympia in London. Since then, apart from the war years, they have been held every four years.

In 2007, to mark the centenary of Scouting, the World Scout Jamboree was held in the UK at a site near Chelmsford, Essex.

The last World Scout Jamboree as held in 2015 in Japan and we were very proud at the 1st Southwold Scout Group to have one of our Scouts, Tom White, selected to attend.



About the Theme

“WA: a Spirit of Unity” is the theme for the Jamboree. The Kanji Character “和” (WA) embraces many meanings such as unity, harmony, cooperation,friendship and peace. WA also represents Japan and its culture


From Tuesday, 28 July To Saturday, 8 August 2015



Kirara-hama, Yamaguchi City,

Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Coordinates : N 34°01’ , E131°23’

Altitude    : 2.7m - 15.8m

Avg.Temp. :Max30.6°C/Min15.2°C

Avg. Rainfall : 4.1mm / day


The next World Scout Jamboree will be in 2019 and will be held in the USA.